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Gutter Dusters, RIP

| The bowling season is over, and not a moment too soon.

Final standings

Not to put too fine a point on it: We finished in last place. Not just last, but so far behind the penultimate team that it was mathematically impossible to ever catch up. Just like Hillary Clinton. Although we swept the final week's play, it didn't make — mathematically couldn't make — a bit of difference in the standings. Just like Hillary Clinton.

We have had to give pins to our opponents every week of the season because our average was inflated by stellar scores the first week when average were established. Should have sandbagged!

But we did have fun Monday night! It was position week, when adjacent teams in the standings play for final bragging rights. The Gutter Dusters were hot! We won the first game by 199 pins, the second game by 29 pins, the third game by 173 pins, and total pins by 401 pins. Strikes, double strikes, turkeys all over the scoreboard. We unloaded on the 7th place team like other teams have done to us all season. And we still ended in last place.

But the Gutter Dusters nevertheless found themselves with the high handicap game for the season. And Bob #2 held onto the high scratch series honor for the season.

Although the name Gutter Dusters was cute, it set a disastrous expectations to which we lived down. Never again!

The summer season starts in June, and we will return to the Palm Springs Lanes for that. A change of venue will do us good. And a new name!

high handicap game
Team high handicap game for season
high scratch series
Men's high scratch series for season

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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