All hat, no horse

| The rodeo came back to Palm Springs last weekend, and it was a great success. The Usual Suspects cowboyed up and headed to the equestrian center in Banning, where the events were held, on Saturday and Sunday to take in the fun.

The Usual Suspects (L-R): Phil, Bob, Réal, Ken
Michael's hat blew off during the grand entry
Hatless Michael

The fun included the usual horseplay (pun intended, groan, groan). That is to say there were the traditional rodeo events, like steer wrangling, bull riding, bronc riding, roping, and so on; and then there were the less traditional events, like goat dressing, wild drag racing, and other opportunities for public humiliation.

Michael was there, resplendently sashed, in his role as Mr Palm Springs Gay Rodeo. For some unknown reason the announcer kept calling him Michael Anderson, instead of Michael Allen, which is his real name. Then he suffered an additional indignity during the Grand Entry when a gust of wind whisked his hat from his head. Ah, the travails of being royal.

Jody was there with his horses and enough temerity to enter the bull-riding contest. To his credit, on Sunday he became the first person to stay on his bull the requisite 6 seconds, the score on Saturday having been Bulls 6, Cowboys/girls 0.

In preparation for the rodeo, I fetched a baseball cap from home to shield my balding pate from the savage sun, but then I had a senior moment and left the cap at Réal's when we left for the rodeo. Since going hatless was not an option, I decided I would buy a cowboy hat. "Oh, you have to buy it from the Pony Express booth," said Ken, "they're one of the rodeo sponsors." I tried on a hat, and the Usual Suspects said it looked OK, but why not try one of the others, too, just to see. "Oh, that's much nicer," they chimed. Who knew a cowboy hat was going to cost $87?

Who knew a hat could cost this much?
But it's a genuine Stetson – and there's a hologram to prove it!
Bull riding
Flag racing
Line dancing instructor
Dance instructor
More horseplay
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