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| The nation has been condemned to Purgatory. There can be no other explanation for this presidential primary season that will not end.

Before the primaries started, states were elbowing each other aside to have an early primary so their votes would "count" in the selection of the presidential candidates. The irony is that it will be the last states to vote that may actually determine the outcome, if then. For the Democratic party that means Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota!

Remaining Democratic Primary Contests
Date State Delegates
Sat, May 3 Guam 9
Tue, May 6 Indiana
North Carolina
Tue, May 13 West Virginia 39
Tue, May 20 Kentucky
Sun, Jun 1 Puerto Rico 63
Tue, Jun 3 Montana
South Dakota

Recall the frenzy that Wolf Blitzer worked himself into for Pennsylvania? Just imagine how he'll hyperventilate about Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota!

It's a good thing the Republican candidate is already a fait accompli, for the last scheduled GOP primary is not until July 12 when Nebraska's 33 delegates are at stake.

Tom Toles
Tom Toles

This is no way to select presidential candidates! The reforms needed are obvious.

Tom Toles
Tom Toles

When the Democratic field narrowed to three — Clinton, Edwards, Obama — I would have been happy to have any of them as the candidate. But no more. Hillary may be winning over older white women, but she has lost me. She and Bill have shown their true colors, and it's not pretty.

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