Poppies everywhere

| The last time we went to see the poppies, it was so cold and windy the poppies went into hiding, and we nearly froze. This time it was perfect. The poppies were at their peak, and the weather was delightful, with temperatures in the 80s and gentle breezes.

From several miles away, the hillsides simply glowed with orange. And along the last few miles before the park, cars lined the side of the road as people got out for a photo-op among the poppies (in the park you have to stay on the trail). Mere words are inadequate to describe the awesome beauty of hillsides carpeted with wildflowers.

Réal, Bob, Phil, and I all came home with cameras full of pictures. The problem, however, is that one picture of a field of poppies looks pretty much like another picture of a another field of poppies. At any rate, the slideshow (sidebar) will give you some idea of just how splendid this year's bumper crop of poppies was.

Bob and Phil
Bob and Phil slather on the sun screen
I don't know — shaking water out of my ears?
Phil with camera
Phil wasted no time
Réal dressed in poppy colors


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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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