4 strikes frame 3
Everyone scored a strike in frame 3!

Why didn't we sandbag?

| After 8 weeks of the season, the half-way point, our bowling team, The Gutter Dusters, languishes in last place, having won only 8 games so far — and 4 of those were last week!

Here's the part that really gets our goat: If you look at the standings, our team has knocked down more pins than any other team in the league!

Gutter Dusters: 13,957 scratch pins, 185 pins more than the second highest scratch total, and 1,121 pins more than the team in first place!

We are called out for fine performance. Last week, our team had the second-high scratch series of the night, and Bob LastNameNoVowels had the second high individual scratch series. For the season, we hold three honors:

Last week high scratch series, team and individual honors
Season high scratch series
Season high scratch game
Season high handicap game

How did this happen?

We can be brilliant at times, racking up two, three, even four strikes in a row. Alas, we are hopelessly inconsistent, and éclat is often followed by woeful ineptitude, on occasion even rolling two gutter balls in the same frame!

On the first night of the season, I rolled my highest-ever game, 192. That set my average impossibly high. After being out for several weeks Bob K rolled three good games, setting his average impossibly high. Although our averages have been coming down (statisticians call it "regression toward the mean"), our occasional flashes of brilliance slow the descent, and every single week of the season we have had to give pins to our opponent.

And, to make bad matters worse, it seems that every team choses the night it plays against us to bowl way over their averages. We're happy for their achievement, but why can't they bloody well be brilliant against somebody else?

All that said, we have a wonderful time.

That being said, why is it that some people have won the 50-50 drawing more than once, and none of our team has won it even a single time? Inquiring minds want to know!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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