No pot of gold found

| Sunday was our last brunch at the venerable Rainbow, née Rainbow Cactus. On Monday night it closed its doors.

Ever since I moved to Palm Springs in 2002, I have been having Sunday Brunch at the Rainbow, most recently with the usual suspects: Ken, Réal, Bob, and Phil. We always had the same table back in the corner. We always had the same waiter, although our group outlasted at least three waiters. Réal and I always sat on the same two stools at the bar when we showed up for our ritual Bloody Marys, which simply appeared in front of us as soon as we sit down.

Like swallows returning to Capistrano, we showed up, and brunch happened.

There've been exceptions of course. Once in a while having guests necessitated a larger table. Occasionally interlopers sat on our stools. On very rare occasions we've gone somewhere else or convened at one of our houses. But if ever there were regular customers, we were it.

The Rainbow was a fixture in our lives, but that tradition is now at an end. The Rainbow has gone dark.

Bartender Paul, who always made 'the usual' when he saw us walk in the door
Are you hiring?
Maître d' Craig, who made sure we always had a reservation
Ken [L] and Réal — Unfortunately Bob and Phil were unavailable for the Last Brunch
'Our' waiter Carlos, who kept us in champagne
Waiter Audie
Will work for beer
Proprietor Harvey, still smiling

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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