Shit happens

| What was I thinking? The economy is sliding inexorably into recession, the stock market is acting like a yoyo, and I had already planned a costly cruise; nevertheless, I decided to re-do most of the floors. An enterprising young man from Whittier, Alex, recently did an excellent tile job for my next-door neighbors, and I engaged him for my project: replace the carpet in the living room and den, and the existing tile in the kitchen and hallways, with travertine.

Clearing out

By sheer serendipity, Alex's availability coincided with my cruise. Accordingly, I packed my suitcases and at the same time set about clearing the living room and my den.

It certainly wasn't pretty, and it was, frankly quite embarassing. There's nothing like moving furniture from its usual spots to reveal housekeeping sloth.

Chairs gone, my people gone
Only the couches and table are left to move
Desk gone, waiting for the Murphy bed un-installer
Computers and printers gone

All the stuff had to go somewhere!

The guest room got a lot
Oops - those socks are supposed to be in my suitcase!
Fibber McGee's closet
Temporary office at the foot of my bed
And my People stand watch, appalled


I returned from vacation to find that Alex had, indeed, been hard at work and had made great progress.

View from the entry looks promising!
Cut tiles around the sides of the den still need to be laid
The living room is almost done
Except one small area

A third weekend of work should about do it, just as planned. Sure, there's dust on everything everywhere, but it would be for just one week. That's tolerable, right?


On Friday I got a call from Alex. He had an accident at his day-job that shattered his shin and ankle; he'll be out of work for several weeks. The tile project will have to be put on hold. He thinks that in a few weeks he'll feel well enough that he can come back and supervise his helpers to finish the job. I hope he's right.

In the meantime, I'll muddle through, living in a construction zone. I don't have much choice, so I just have to make the best of it. Fortunately, there's enough done that I can see it is going to look really grand when it's finished!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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