—Bowl, —Tuesday

| Thank goodness that's all over! A person can take only so much excitement.


This marked the 10th consecutive year that the hard-core usual suspects have gotten together to celebrate the great American holiday, the SuperBowl. Bob, Carolyn, and I arrived late Friday, having driven from Twain Harte and Palm Springs, respectively. Jim and Angela showed up on Saturday morning, having driven all the way from Saratoga, a little over 30 miles. Lest that sound snidely condemnatory, they did have a legitimate excuse, a prior engagement on Friday evening.

CareerBuilder heart commercial

We rented a house perched on the cliff above the beach with great ocean views — when they weren't obscured by driving rain. As usual, we feasted like gourmands, albeit gourmet gourmands. Although watching the game, per se, is of relatively low priority for these gatherings, it was an exciting game, especially the final quarter when the vaunted Patriots finally came to life and the Giants scored after an incredible catch. Of much greater interest, of course, is the commercial bowl. A generally un-inspiring lot, this year's Yuck award definitely goes to CareerBuilder's heart commercial. On the other hand, my personal favorites were E-trade's baby I and baby II. For once the presidential candidates showed good judgment by not showing any ads during the SuperBowl, something which would have been sure to guarantee defeat.

ocean view
Ocean view, albeit obscured by fog and rain
Jim reading
Jim catching up on his reading
living room
Bob and Carolyn watching the game — somebody had to!
Jim cooking
Jim making dinner


Super-Duper, Tsunami-Tuesday was upon us all too soon. Over on CNN, Wolf Blitzer and the rest of what they so modestly call "the best political team on television" blathered away in front of their whizz-bang super-screens and their various countdown clocks, trying to fill hours and hours of airtime with erudite commentary about news that hadn't happened yet. As usual, they got much of it wrong. As Wolf would say, "It might — might — just be better to wait and report the news after the fact instead of imagining it before the fact. The Belly-Laugh award of the day went to Lou Dobbs' rhetorical question about whether the major news media might — might — be out of touch with the American people.

Stuart Carlson
Stuart Carlson

On the Democratic side, Hillary Billary and Barak ended the day both proclaiming victory, neither having administered a knockout blow to the other. My goodness, the candidate might actually have to be picked at the convention! How early 20th century!

On the Republican side, John McCain, with the assistance of Mike Huckabee, came very close to driving a stake in the heart of the Romney campaign. Of course, if he weren't a gazillionaire dipping into his own bank accounts to fund his campaign, he would have been gone long ago. In the distant past I did think McCain had possibilities, especially when he stood up and said that the Jerry Falwells of the world were "agents of intolerance," but his recent pandering to the right wing has disabused me of those thoughts. Perhaps the best thing to come out of McCain's surge is the apoplexy it is causing the Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs of the far-right world. If any more proof were needed, Coulter's recent comment that she would rather vote for Clinton than McCain emphasizes and amplifies and reinforces what some of us have known for a long time — those people are crazy!

This just in! "Mitt Romney is quitting his campaign for president, having made the final decision last night, according to a campaign source who asked to remain anonymous" (NY Times).


Tehachapi pass
The summit near Tehachapi - snow, fog, drizzle

I drove home through the high desert (CA-58 to US-395), as is my wont. The pass near Tehachapi was a bit icky, what with fog, drizzle, snow, etc, but other than that it was an uneventful trip. Thank goodness for that!

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