Bowling finale

ball and pins

Strike! Spare! Gutter! Oh, my!

The inaugural season of the Up Your Average league is now history, and the Rail Splitters acquitted themselves with honor, if little dignity.

final standings Final standings

We ended the season in 5th place, facing Take It Like A Man in the final week of league play. It was a week of spirited play that resulted in honors, but no points. Our opponent's final bowler, Steve, seems never to miss. He ended the season with a 5 handicap / 204 average. Just when we would draw in range of actually taking a game, he would finish off a series of three or four strikes in a row and obliterate us.

last week's high scratch series team honor Team high scratch series for final week of league play
high handicap series for final week of league play High handicap series for final week of league play

Our two teams took the honors for high scratch series in that final match-up, and Bob took individual honors for third-highest handicap series.

Season high scratch game

Also, the Rail Splitters somehow managed to hold on to the team honor of second-highest scratch game during the season, a total of 606 pins.

Monday night was sweeps week, played for fun and a chance at additional prize money.

Bob, however, really took the sweep theme to heart. At one point he slipped during his delivery and ended up sliding part way down the alley on his belly — hands stretched out front, legs bent, and feet in the air, like a kid on a sled going head-first down a snowbank, except there was no sled! It would have been even funnier at the time, but the alley was so slippery he couldn't get up right away, and we all feared he might have been hurt. He wasn't, thankfully.

When prizes were awarded after the games, Bob managed to get the second-place sweeps prize, coming in just behind ol' 5-handicap-Steve. Yes, indeed-y, Bob was hot Monday night!

If there had been a prize for comic relief, Ken would surely have won that one. He threw a gutter ball with enough force that it hopped back out of the gutter and landed in the middle of the pins, knocking down six of them. Too bad they didn't count, for he wasn't having a good night, and six would have been a good score in some frames.

The league now has a break until January 21 when the second season will begin. Our team will be back, minus Ozzie who wants to play softball instead, once again having as many laughs as possible — and perhaps improving our final standing.