Brunch by the sea

Life is good

San Diego harbor

We had brunch yesterday, basking in the sun while sitting by the sea in San Diego. Before getting on the bus in chilly Palm Springs, we had marveled at the fresh white layer of snow atop Mounts San Jacinto and San Gorgonio; three hours later we were sitting on the patio at the Edgewater Grill in San Diego's Seaport Village, sipping bloody Marys and marveling at the clear blue skies, warm sun, and calm waters of the harbor.

Bob, Réal, and I went along on the Kudos Tours trip to see Torch Song Trilogy at the Diversionary Theatre in San Diego, and Seaport Village was our lunch / brunch / shopping stop before the matinee.

A brass band (OK, a trumpeter and two drummers) marched along the promenade, and a constant stream of passers-by provided ample entertainment. Then we heard the distinctive whine of jet skis flitting about the harbor — it was the arrival of Santa and his entourage, coming in for a gig at the photo booth in the Village.

I had not expected to be going anywhere scenic, so I had left my camera at home, and it took a minute to recall that I did have a camera in my cell phone. A Nikon it ain't, but I did manage a few snaps.

JetSki Santa Jet Ski Santa
stiltwalker A stilt walker leading Santa to his photo-op station
Santa in his shore vehicle Santa riding in his shore vehicle
They followed like so many rats trailing the Pied Piper
The beautiful weather brought out droves of people to enjoy the harbor walk
Bob Bob
Real Réal
Real Réal taking my picture — or so he thought
Real Got it!
Paul Paul — the picture Réal thought he was taking all along

Oh, yes — the play was excellent!