Giving thanks

Now pass the mashed potatoes!

This year the Usual Suspects gathered chez Bob for the annual Thanksgiving feast.

It would be customary to accompany this story with Normal Rockwell pictures of a bountiful table heavily laden with foods harvested from the local Ralphs, surrounded by merry and contented friends. Enticing aromas would practically waft off your computer screen.

That's all well and good, but it seems that someone was more interested in consumption than documentary photography. So, we have a distinctly uncustomary take on Thanksgiving.

dirty plates

By the time anyone thought of taking pictures, there was nothing left of our dinner but dirty plates.


The regal roast had been reduced to bones and puddled au jus.

eyes bigger than appetite

Not everyone was able to clean his plate, however. Someone's eyes were bigger than his appetite, as my momma used to say. On the other hand, we can tell what we had for dinner: spinach salad, roasted root vegetables, green beans and asparagus, cranberry salad, baked mashed potatoes and gravy, and prime rib. That came after appetizers of sausage-stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, and sugar cookies (unconventional, but very tasty!). It preceded desserts of apple and pumpkin pies with choice of ice cream and whipped cream.

Ken, Real, and Phil digesting

The effects of all this wonderful food were predictable: sloth and sleepiness. Left-front to right-back: Ken, Réal, and Phil.


Look closely at Réal in the picture. Sensing the presence of a camera, he sucked in his tummy and held his breath. At first glance, you would never know that he over-ate as much as the rest of us.

But thanks to the magic of photo editing, we can see beyond the surface and tell how Réal really felt.


Our host Bob — serene and satisfied, as he should be.