brunch plate The luck of the pot

Brunch chez Phil

Life is good

Last Sunday we took a break from our normal routine of brunch at Rainbow and did a pot luck brunch at Phil's house.

Sunday brunch is simply part of our routine — if we're in town, brunch is at noon, although some of us start earlier with a pre-brunch bloody Mary. However, the piano player is back after a summer hiatus, and she plays and sings with renewed gusto. Not that there's anything wrong with that (some people do enjoy sitting around the piano singing on Sunday morning after all) but we like to chat and that always goes better if you can hear what each other is saying.

We each pitched in and brought something for the bunch buffet, and it was spectacular, as usual: I made French toast, Bob cooked sausages and bacon, Ken made a turkey casserole, Phil made scrambled eggs and hash browns, Réal brought fresh fruit and real maple syrup for the French toast. And let's not forget the limoncello cheese cake for dessert!

group at table
L-R: Bob, Ken, Phil, Réal, Paul

In the course of congratulating ourselves about how delicious everything was, Bob said something like, "When I die, I'd like to just be finishing a fantastic meal like this and fall over into my plate."

Off and running! People began suggesting headlines for the news article:

  • Diner dead after dessert
  • Man plops dead in plate
  • Final meal fatal
  • Sight of bill too much for diner
  • And the topper....
  • Waitress distraught over loss of tip

We do amuse ourselves.

Real warming maple syrup in the microwave Réal warming real Canadian maple syrup in the microwave
getting ready to leave Fully sated, we get ready to go home and take our naps