Bowling update - week 5

Pride goeth before a fall

standings week 4

After four weeks of bowling, the Rail Splitters found themselves in third place with a 10:6 record.


We were hot in week 4 of the season. Against Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves, in no particular order, Railsplitters took 3 of 4 points, winning two games and total points.

Season-high scores through week 4
Top scores, week 4

Our series score of 2536 pins gave the team the second-high handicap series for the week and for the season. Paul ended up with the top handicap series for the week.


Scores for week 5

Then came week 5. Usually when someone on our team is "off" someone else is "on," and in the first game that held true: Paul and Bob turned in miserable scores well below their averages, whereas Ken and Ozzie exceeded their averages, resulting in a win for Railsplitters, our only point of the night. From there it went downhill, although Bob did beat his average in game 2.

Pinheads took games 2 and 3, along with total pins, giving them three of the four points for the week.

So much for hopes of moving ahead of Jawbreakers and Take It Like A Man. On the other hand, there's always next week!