JD Roy Atchison

Another Florida pervert


He was a pillar of society: federal prosecutor; president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, coaching girls sports; husband of a popular high school science teacher, named Teacher of the Year in 2004; father of three, a son and two daughters, one an honors student on her high school homecoming court. He lived in an affluent Florida panhandle town in a Normal Rockwell house with a wrought iron fence, oak trees in the yard, and rocking chairs on the porch. Fellow townspeople regarded him as a "nice guy." He was also "fldaddy04" who arranged online to have sex with a Michigan mother's 5-year-old daughter. When JD Roy Atchison got off the plane in Detroit, carrying a doll and a jar of petroleum jelly, he was arrested — the "mother" was actually an undercover sheriff's detective and the daughter was fictitious.

Some of the details of his two-week-long negotiations are positively icky. When the "mother" was concerned that sex might injure the 5-year old girl, Atchison reassured her, "I'm always gentle and loving; not to worry; no damage ever; no rough stuff ever.... I've done it plenty." He told her to tell the daughter that "you found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents." The obvious question is, How many other times has this guy done something like this?

MySpace profile has been taken away

Atchison's internet profile gave his interests as "surfing, skiing, diving, boating, young girls, petite girls, skinny girls." "I adore everything about young girls," said the profile, "how they talk, think, act, walk, look." According to one report (see sidebar), Atchison had five "friends" on MySpace, each a woman in her 20s or 30s pictured wearing diapers. Now, of course, that MySpace profile has been shut down.

Atchison worked in the US Attorney's Office in Pensacola, considered one of the most conservative US attorney's offices in the country, known for refusing plea bargains and asking for the stiffest sentences. So Atchison joins a growing pantheon of crumbled pillars of society with conservative moral and social views — and an alter-ego that indulges in precisely what they inveigh against in others.

In court, Atchison pleaded Not Guilty to charges of using the internet to find illicit sex with a minor and crossing state lines to engage in sexual contact with someone younger than 12, crimes that carry a minimum sentence of 10 years, possibly up to life.

Atchison tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with a sheet in his Michigan jail cell, but was saved by guards who were alerted by other prisoners. Tis a pity. It's also tragic, not least for his family, whose humiliation must be profound.

Atchison succeeded in killing himself in the federal prison at Milan, Michigan. He had been transferred there after an earlier suicide attempt in the county jail after his arrest. For details, see U.S. Prosecutor Held in a Child Sex Sting Kills Himself (NYTimes).

Wait, there's more!

While looking for additional details about Atchison's case, I found another man arrested in the same sting, this one a Los Angeles firefighter and paramedic, a 38-year old father of two, who also flew to Michigan, thinking he had arranged to have sex with a five-year-old girl (see sidebar).

People can indulge in whatever sexual fantasies turn them on. But fantasies are one thing, and grown men traveling across country to have sex with five-year old girls is quite another. I must not be imaginative enough, for it would never occur to me to post a profile online purporting to be a mother pimping her own five-year old child. Nor can I imagine the twisted logic that must compel men to go in search of them. I may be naive, but this gives another sick and demented dimension to the concept of sexual predator.