Bowling update

Rail Splitters romp

After three weeks, the Rail Splitters stand in 4th place, having moved up from last. The first week we had the misfortune to bowl a team with two absent bowlers, and, by league rules, their spots were filled by a "Vacant" bowler with an average of 150. To our way of thinking that's not at all realistic, considering the averages of the real people in the league, but rules are rules. Consequently, we lost all four games that night, albeit playing against two non-existent bowlers.

Since then, we have hit our stride — if not our marks — and are consistently inconsistent.

Monday night scores

Take Monday night, for example:

  • I started off barely making my average in the first game, fell apart in the second game, then came back nicely in the third. On average, I was average.
  • Ken had a disastrous first game, barely beating his handicap to score his lowest game in about two years. On the other hand, in the third game he bowled his best score ever.
  • Bob, by contrast, was the most consistent among us, handily beating his average each game by at least 10 points each game.
  • Ozzie, back from a week off, blew past us all in the first game, collapsed in the second, and recovered in the third to beat his average.

Despite the on-again, off-again play, we took two of the three games plus an extra point for total pins.

Team standings, through week 3

Nevertheless, after three weeks of play, our team is in fourth place, only two games behind the leaders. On Monday night the team had the second highest handicap game score (also second highest handicap game score for the season) and Ken had the second highest scratch game.

Week 3 high handicap game
Season high handicap game
Week 3 high scratch game

Most importantly, we are having a blast and getting to know many of the other bowlers. With everyone in it for fun, it's a fine way to spend Monday nights.