Bad timing

Beep! Beep!

Er, make that Busy! Busy!

Road Runner banner

The latest edition of TRRacks!, an e-mail newsletter from Road Runner, arrived in my inbox this morning.

piggy bank

My eye was immediately drawn to an advertisement for digital phone service, which I was exhorted to think of as a "ringing piggy bank." I would get "savings and reliable home phone service" from "Time Warner Cable's Advanced Fiber Network" if I would switch over.

Only thing is, my digital phone service hasn't worked for the past 24 hours. Instead of a dial tone, I get a busy signal.

When I finally broke down and called technical support yesterday afternoon, "the next available agent" fumbled around for a while, having me unplug my modem and plug it back in again (the sad thing is, that often fixes whatever ails your connection) and then doing a "reset" from the office. Only after waiting an inordinate time for nothing different to happen did he then conjure up an explanation that a "generator is down in your area" and they are "working to restore service" momentarily.

When I remarked that I found it curious that this generator affected only my phone service and not my cable TV nor my internet service, he advised me that "only phone service is affected."

Well guess what! My phone service is still affected 16 hours later!

This might not have been the best time to sell me on "reliable home phone service." What bad timing!

My sarcasm notwithstanding, RoadRunner technical support is usually more on top of things than this incident would indicate.