Customer service at Time-Warner Cable

A new kind of outsourcing

This seems to be the month for rants about customer service. Last week's encounter with Time-Warner cable's customer service set a new low. Many companies outsource their customer support to India — Time-Warner Cable has outsourced theirs to Comcast!!

Last week I decided to cancel voicemail for my Time-Warner phone service; it is simply redundant, and I have rarely used it. Thinking I might be able to do this on the web, I went to the Time-Warner Desert Cities website.

Time-Warner cable home page

Aha, Customer Service – that ought to be it. Click there.

End up at:

Customer Service

Yes, very good: “Digital Phone Acct Mgmt” — that’s what I want, to manage my phone account. Click there.

End up at:

Manage phone services page

Oh, right! Of course this would be a different login than to access my Time-Warner bill!

End up at:

manage phone services page

Well, it was a good idea, but there’s nothing here for changing services. I guess I’ll have to call, so I click on “Contact Us.”

contact us

Dial: 800.776.9993

"You’ve reached Comcast. All our agents are busy. Please stay on the line...."