Do-it-yourself home repairs

I.e., call your friends

One of Ken's kitchen cabinets seemed to be warping away from the wall, and he invited his friends to help him with the repairs. Accordingly, the usual suspects showed up last night for close encounters of the handyman variety.

Ken in protective eyewear

We arrived to find Ken, ever the safety-conscious handyman, decked out in stunning yellow protective eyewear.

Ken on his ladder

When I suggested a photograph, he immediately scaled his stepladder to pose with his power drill, confronting some imaginary threat overhead, many feet away from the actual worksite, the kitchen cabinet.

Real hammering

Meanwhile, Réal, protected only by his reading glasses, began the actual repair work. Thanks to his job at the resort, Réal knew exactly what to do. My role consisted mostly of helping out, screwing and unscrewing screws and hammering nails at his direction.

Paul assisting

Once we had the cabinet off the wall and on the floor, the problem turned out to be not warping but that the cabinet was essentially coming apart at the joints. The parts intended to fasten the cabinet to the wall, were attached to the rest of the cabinet in the most tenuous way. In short, Ken had been very lucky the whole thing hadn't come crashing down.

Bob supervising

Meanwhile Bob handled supervisory duties, fully living up to the title on his card. Thanks to his diligence, I'm sure everything is up to code.


And where was Ken all this time? He was busy making homemade pizza for our dinner, his eyes protected from any unexpected splatters or splashes. The pizza was terrific, and we were very appreciative after working so hard. wink