bull riding


Cowboy up!

Last weekend the usual suspects — Bob, Ken, Phil, Réal, and I — piled into Penelope for a trip to San Diego for the rodeo.

phallic wheels

Near Temecula we stopped at a Jack in the Box for breakfast. When we came out, a sporty blue car with very unusual wheels was parked next to Penelope. I don't think the poor girl was blushing because of the heat, at least not weather-wise. Like beauty, smut may be in the eyes of the beholder, but those sure looked like phalli to us.

Michael Mr Palm Springs Rodeo

Michael pulled into the parking lot right after us, a bit out of sorts at having gotten lost and driving aimlessly around looking for the rodeo grounds. Michael, here's a hint: Mapquest.com!


At the vendor booths I tried on a couple of cowboy hats. For some reason the boys didn't think this was my look.

The rodeo itself was the usual combination of traditional rodeo events, like calf roping and bull riding, and more novel ones like goat dressing and steer decorating. And this year there were cheerleaders. Our friend Jody competed in several events and carried the California flag in the grand entry.

Jody Calf 1, Jody 0
goat dressing The indignity!
Bob, Ken, Real, Phil (L-R) Bob, Ken, Real, Phil
cheerleaders "Mary" and "Flo"

In the evening we drove into Hillcrest for dinner and a bit of bar hopping. In the mood for something different, we ate at Afghanistan Khyber Pass. Following the recommendations of our server, we each ordered something different and shared. The food was absolutely delicious, including the dessert platter in honor of Phil's birthday. The restaurant is owned by a family that fled Afghanistan to escape the Russian invasion, yet another example of the contribution made by immigrants to our country.

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