Easter antics

Bunny time!

I just wasn't ready for Easter this year. But it came anyway. It was a strange day.

Ordinarily the street in front of Rainbow, where we have brunch, is blocked off for a street fair on Easter, and that weekend is the White Party. Expecting not to be able to park in the Rainbow lot, I pulled off into the parking garage. There were two cars there. Hello? Did I miss something? When I walked over to Arenas Road, not only was it not blocked off, but there was hardly a car parked on the street or in the lots. Hello? Is there a memo I didn't get?

Paul Bartender Paul

Paul, the bartender, was at least ready for the day, showing a big grassy basket full of cute things.

Harvey Harvey

Not to be outdone, Harvey, the owner, affected the Norma Desmond look.

Rick Who does Rick think he's fooling?

All the usual suspects were there along with several others who were allowed to sit at the next table to us, provided they didn't get too rowdy. They did, and it was a blast.

Meanwhile, more amusement was found in the parking lot, where an old pickup with Washington plates presented a true Kodak moment.

Check this out...
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