bowling ball and pins

Sandbaggin' strikers

We're #1

They said it wouldn't last— but it has. With nine weeks of the season finished, our team in the Sunday night Sandbaggin' Sunday Strikers fun league is doing very well, indeed.

• We are in first place with 26 wins and 10 losses.

current standings

• For the season to date, our team holds the record for the high scratch game; John has the high scratch game for men; and Nancy has the high handicap series total.

season high scores

• For last week, our team had the high handicap series score; John had the high scratch game; and Nancy had the high handicap series.

last week top scores

Our opponent for last night's games — the team currently in second place — did not appear. To be fair, they are supposed to be making up the games later, but putting the best possible spin on it, we prefer to think they simply couldn't bear the thought of facing the Team 5 juggernaut face-to-face. With our handicaps, they had to give us 120 pins to start with, and we bowled much better than average all three games. I will be quite surprised, therefore, if they gain any ground on us.

It's not about the winning, of course, but how sweet it is!