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Or a cruel joke?

Just a couple of weeks ago it was so cold that the "be careful there might be ice on the road" warning light came on in my Prius. The furnace, that I had bravely turned off when I left for Minnesota, had to be turned back on. Today, the heat is on. A new record high temperature has been recorded. The previous record was 95°F, set in 1997; normal for this date is 79°F.


The warmth of spring gives everything a boost. One of the succulents on the patio has sat there merrily for about three years, doing nothing more than growing another fuzzy leaf every few months. Suddenly, it has put up towering, slender stalks with fuzzy little blossoms clustered on the ends. The hummingbirds are ecstatic, sucking up nectar with obvious delight.


Out front, one of the palms has put out a blob of creamy yellow, densely packed blossoms attached to the trunk below the leaves. This is the first flowering I've noticed from this palm in over four years.

Elsewhere, shrubs and plants turned brown by the hard freeze in January are greening up, brave new leaves pushing their way through the dried, dead ones.

It's a wonderment! I've made a few photos — check them out (sidebar).