Palm tree boots

You learn something new every day

A brisk wind this weekend shook some of the boots off the palm trees.

The palm trees are emblematic of Palm Springs, and they are an endless fascination to me. They grow so tall and graceful, and they whisper in the breeze. In their natural state, the dead leaves simply droop down and form "petticoats" that shield their trunks from prurient eyes. In town, however, most of the palms are given an annual "haircut" leaving just a few new fronds and the sawn off ends of the stem. Today I found out that those sawn-off ends have a name — they are "leafbases," also known as "boots."

palm trees in Indian Canyons Palm trees - the ones on the right have their natural petticoats, albeit trimmed up a little
palm petticoat A petticoat showing a bit of trunk (ankle?)

Anyway, a bunch of those boots are now lying in my driveway and street, and in the early morning light they were strikingly pretty. I grabbed my camera and headed out to kneel in the street making portraits .