Superbowl party 2007


For several years now (see sidebar) my friends and I have convened to celebrate the rites of SuperBowl, sometimes renting a place for the weekend, sometimes assembling at one of our own places. This year Chez Paul was once again the venue.

XLI — You have to wonder how much longer the NFL will continue numbering the SuperBowls with Roman numerals. I suppose they think it gives an aura of epic grandeur to this annual hype-fest. Me, I think it just makes it all look pretentions.

Since we don't get together for the game — well, Ray's pretty serious, but he's the only one — we can dispense with the Miami festivities with a few awards:

  • Better in a tent: Cirque du Soleil
  • Soggiest Singin' in the rain: Billy Joel
  • Best Aunt Jemimah look-alike: Prince
  • Most suggestive shadows: Prince

Question to FCC: Is Prince's shadowy phallus really less obscene than Janet Jackson's nipple?

But enough with the serious stuff.

football lights

No SuperBowl party is complete without football party lights.

As usual, we ate like kings. Jim made some very tasty grilled-cheese sandwiches for Saturday lunch, by popular request. Carolyn and Bob created gourmet breakfasts, including crème brûlée French toast and an eggy scramble with tons of cheese. I found an exceedingly tasty grapefruit recipe that was to die for. Ray provided the most unique contribution, a special religious grillpan. (You had to see it, but frankly it would not be a kitchen accessory I'd ever buy for myself.)

Saturday night we ate out at El Mirasol Mexican restaurant. Despite having driven by it every single time I've gone downtown, I had never eaten there. Big mistake! The food was exceptional, although the margarita was only ordinary.

Monday Ray, Bob, Carolyn, and I went golfing. I had the good sense not to ask what my total score was. It wasn't pretty.

high-tech toilet

There was a minor — verging at times on major — kerfuffle over the guest toilet. It only clogs when I have guests. I'm not saying there's cause and effect, but there's a very high correlation with the arrival of a particular guest. I guess I'll have to upgrade. I think I've found the perfect replacement.

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