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There's always Hope

Quiet please!

That's Hope as in Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf tournament. Marshal Paul reporting for duty.

This will be, I think, my fifth year as a volunteer for the tournament. In previous years I've seen a hole-in-one, been hit by a pro's golf ball, and been asked at least a bazillion times where Justin Timberlake is.

George Lopez George Lopez, host of the Bob Hope Classic

The new wrinkle this year is that George Lopez is now the "host" of the tournament. I'm not sure if that means he'll be tending bar at the 19th hole, or what. Whatever. He always livens things up with his outlandish costume, knickers and all, and his — I'll be kind — unpredictable play.

This morning I was checking the pairing sheets to see who the celebrities are in this year's field. It's very curious - one of the celebrities is identified only as "Celeb #1." Hmmmm.

Another perennial, Yogi Berra, will play again this year. As Yogi said, it will be "déjà vu all over again." I just hope I can still do a round of golf when I'm in my 80s (Yogi was born in 1925).

Mother Nature has dished up some very chilly mornings for this year's tournament. I just know that when I stumble out in the dark tomorrow morning with my coffee and down vest for our 7:15am meeting I will have serious questions about why I am subjecting myself to this.

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All five days of the tournament are being broadcast on the Golf Channel, Wednesday through Sunday, January 17-21, 2007. Check your local listings.