PSP gates Palm Springs International Airport

Security scare at PSP

A kerfuffle, really

There was a minor security scare at Palm Springs International Airport the other day. Fortunately, the incident was resolved without injury, damage, nor loss of life. Réal, who now spends most nights working the ramp at the airport, told the story at breakfast Saturday.

It seems an elderly man was about to leave the secure area of the airport on his way to baggage claim when he suddenly turned around and began running back into the terminal. Airport security ordered him to stop, but he kept on running. A policewoman chased after him in hot pursuit.

The policewoman considered tackling the man, but did not, considering that he was quite old and rather frail. When she eventually accosted him, he began pointing frantically at his ears, signifying that he couldn't hear her.

It turned out that the man had forgotten his hearing aid on the plane and was only trying to retrieve it.

Coincidentally, the New York Times carried a first-person story today by a woman who realized she had left her wallet on a plane at the Newark airport only after arriving at baggage claim (see sidebar for link to the story). She was able to talk herself back into the terminal and return to the gate, by then deserted, although the plane was still parked there. She opened the jetway door—unlocked—setting off an alarm. She propped the door open with her shoe, retrieved her wallet, recovered her shoe, and returned to baggage claim, all without arousing the interest of any airline or security personnel.

penguins at airport screening Penguins walk through metal detectors at Denver airport ( - Slideshow)

I feel so much safer now, knowing that my shoes have been x-rayed, my toothpaste banned from the cabin (except in a 3-ounce tube), and any penguins on the flight have gone through the metal detectors.