Stupid is as stupid does

Darwin disproved

It's becoming increasingly difficult to believe that the fittest survive, as Darwin said. Consider:

Donald and Rosie

Donald and Rosie feud. The slander-fest between The Donald and The Rosie should never have started in the first place, but now that it has there seems only one mature way to end it: Strip them to their skivvies, oil them up, and put them in a wrestling ring to have it out. That might, at least, be entertaining. Reading about the exchange of unpleasantries between them, however, just goes to show that money and fame can't buy class. Give it a rest, children!

prohibited items on aircraft

Flour fracas. Back in 2003, Janet Lee, a 21-year old Bryn Mawr student, tried to get on an airplane in Philadelphia carrying condoms filled with white powder. Thinking it was one of those "controlled substances," the authorities threw the presumed Junkie Janet in the pokey while they tested the white powder, finally determining that it was plain old flour. Ms Lee, who thought she was carrying out a prank, took offense at her detainment and sued the city of Philadelphia for not sharing her sense of humor. Her "civil rights" case, set to go to trial Thursday, was settled by the city for $180,000. Apparently there is a civil right to be stupid, and it's another shameful example of the legal system run amok. All this time I had thought Bryn Mawr would have higher admission standards than they obviously have. I think that it goes without saying that Ms Lee would not qualify for Mensa.

If these guys represent the fittest of the survivors, the human species is in deep, deep trouble.