Chronicles: 2007

Happy New Year (1-Jan-07)
Mark my words (6-Jan-07)
A bûche bonanza (8-Jan-07)
Stupid is as stupid does (9-Jan-07)
Guardian angels (10-Jan-07)
A matter of size (10-Jan-07)
A fish story (11-Jan-07)
Bush's new strategy for Iraq (12-Jan-07)
Security scare at PSP (15-Jan-07)
Fog of war (16-Jan-07)
There's always Hope (16-Jan-07)
Hope diary (17 to 21-Jan-07)
State of the Union (24-Jan-07)
Age of reason it's not (25-Jan-07)
Zany Cheney (28-Jan-07)
Caesar in the White House (1-Feb-07)
Hoax? (2-Feb-07)
Superbowl party 2007 (9-Feb-07)
Handicaps (12-Feb-07)
Palm tree boots (20-Feb-07)
Minnesota in February (20-Feb-07)
The more things change (26-Feb-07)
The scarlet license plate (2-Mar-07)
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! (7-Mar-07)
Spring? (13-Mar-07)
"Mistakes were made here" (14-Mar-07)
Lovin' Leonardo (19-Mar-07)
Sandbaggin' strikers (19-Mar-07)
Stuck on stupid (23-Mar-07)
On the horns of a dilemma (27-Mar-07)
Theatre of the absurd (3-Apr-07)
Imus overkill (11-Apr-07)
Easter antics (17-Apr-07)
Farewell to Bill (18-Apr-07)
Gonzales is a goner (20-Apr-07)
Tenet: Not a 'slam dunk' after all (27-Apr-07)
Now I'm 64 (1-May-07)
269 whatever (4-May-07)
Young Joshua at three (20-May-07)
Frankencactus (20-May-07)
Little Basin, one last time (24-May-07)
Rodeo (6-Jun-07)
No amnesty (7-Jun-07)
Shiny baubles (22-Jun-07)
5th anniversary (29-Jun-07)
Palm Springs tramway (29-Jun-07)
Bald eagle (1-Jul-07)
Scooter scoots (3-Jul-07)
Separated at birth? (7-Jul-07)
Rats! (9-Jul-07)
Serious sin (11-Jul-07)
Below the belt (13-Jul-07)
Ain't technology wonderful? (23-Jul-07)
"Customer service" at (25-Jul-07)
Do-it-yourself home repairs (26-Jul-07)
Customer service at Time-Warner Cable (30-Jul-07)
Damn spam! (1-Aug-07)
Ouch! (6-Aug-07)
Florida's Allen plays the stupid card (8-Aug-07)
Meteor watching (14-Aug-07)
Night at the movies (26-Aug-07)
Adios Alberto (28-Aug-07)
Busted in the bathroom (28-Aug-07)
Visit to the tram (1-Sep-07)
Gone! (1-Sep-07)
Bush spin machine at max rpm (5-Sep-07)
In the eye of the beholder (7-Sep-07)
Bad timing (8-Sep-07)
Sen Craig asks for a mulligan (11-Sep-07)
Thus spoke General Petraeus (12-Sep-07)
Summoned to jury duty (13-Sep-07)
Still a pig (14-Sep-07)
Bowling season opens (16-Sep-07)
What a difference a week makes (21-Sep-07)
Palm Springs to Las Vegas (25-Sep-07)
Rodeo in Las Vegas (25-Sep-07)
Bowling update (26-Sep-07)
Another Florida pervert (2-Oct-07)
Bowling update - week 5 (9-Oct-07)
Larry Craig, inductee to Idaho Hall of Fame (10-Oct-07)
Brunch chez Phil (12-Oct-07)
Pioneertown Posse (14-Oct-07)
More technology (25-Oct-07)
Palm Springs Pride 2007 (6-Nov-07)
Yelling at Yahoo (8-Nov-07)
Giving thanks (27-Nov-07)
Big wind (1-Dec-07)
Festival of lights parade (1-Dec)
Brunch by the sea (3-Dec-07)
Bowling finale (18-Dec-07)
'Twas the night before Christmas (25-Dec-07)