Taxi to the airport

parade of planes

Parade of planes

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association came to town again for their convention, and when they do, they take their planes all the way to the convention center. It's not every town that lets over a hundred planes taxi through the streets. And it is quite a sight to see.

Réal and I took our chairs and staked out a good viewing spot just after the planes made their final turn onto Alejo Road (map of route).

Real plugs his ears

To my surprise, most of the planes were really quiet. The gardener's leaf blower makes much more noise. But a few of the jets and prop-jets made a heckuva racket.

There was an astonishing range of designs, ranging from ultra-light to small corporate jet to experimental. There was even one with a propeller on both ends!

It turns out there's not a whole lot of variety you can create in photographs of planes driving down the street, but I've put together a selection of pictures that will at least give a flavor.