enough already

People to W: Enough already!

Can he hear us now?

The people have spoken, and the word is "no."

The balance of power in Congress has shifted. The House of Representatives was decisively turned over to Democrats, but the Senate is still in play.

balance of power
(Chart: WashingtonPost.com)

Montana senate vote Virginia senate vote

The Senate depends on results from two states, Montana and Virginia. At this point, those are truly toss-ups, but Democrats are ahead by razor thin margins. Recounts are inevitable. However those two races turn out, Republicans lost seats in the Senate, and it will be be evenly divided or very nearly so.

The defeat of some of the most rabidly partisan Republicans warms the heart. Rick Santorum's (R-PA) defeat makes him a poster-boy for what happens to ideologues. It could not have happened to a better person, in my opinion.

If we are lucky, politicians of all stripes will take the lesson from this election that "the base" is not enough. Three cheers for the independents and independent-minded.

The days of a rubber-stamp Congress are over. George W Bush was already a lame president, and now he is truly a lame duck as well. It is Morning in America!

lame duck (Photo: thomashawk.com)