US map As if anybody knows! (Map: NY Times)

Election 2006

Will it be "Dawn in America" or "Nightmare Continues"?

The great slime fest of the 2006 election will soon be over, and then the blame fest can begin. The losers will start pointing fingers and assigning blame. If the Republicans lose — big, bigger, biggest? — they already have a head start since they've been formed up into a circular firing squad for some time now. If the Democrats lose — they could still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, you know! — there will be great wailing and despair.

This has been the sleaziest and slimiest campaign in my memory. I simply cannot think of a time when there has been less discussion of actual ideas, proposals, and policy, nor more maligning and vituperation.

Whoever wins or loses, there will be no peace and quiet, not even for a little while, because the 2008 presidential election has already been underway for some time, declared or undeclared candidates positioning themselves for liberation day when they can drop the pretense and say, "Running? Hell yes, I'm running!"

lame duck

In any case, George W is a lame duck. Even members of his own party have kept him at a distance during this election — W appears only in ads for Democrats! The American people have lost confidence in him and the current Congress. I hope all the winners in today's vote remember that, and act accordingly.