Palm Springs Pride


Palm Springs held its Gay Pride celebration this past weekend, with the festival on Saturday and Sunday and the parade on Sunday.

Bret and Phil Bret and Phil

On Sunday morning Bret and I went downtown and met Phil to stake out a spot on the curb in front of Grill-A-Burger. Although this was less than a block north of Tahquitz, most of the people packed themselves into the blocks between Tahquitz and Baristo (where the parking garage is located). This turned out to be ideal for us — we didn't have to worry about people getting in front of us and we got more tchotchkes from people in the parade.

Many friends were participating in the parade, so we had to keep an eagle eye out, lest we miss them. There was the usual assortment of drag queens, dykes on bikes, floats, marching bands, real-estate offices, politicians (but not our Congressional representative Mary Bono), social causes, churches, horses, and people who just wanted to show off. The parade moved out smartly, with almost no gaps or stoppages, and took two hours to pass by.

friends at the festival Friends Dan, Phil, Paul, Ken, Don, and Réal

After the parade, everyone headed for the festival inside the baseball park. It was a perfect day for a festival, and people spent the afternoon hanging with friends, dancing, listening to music, eating, drinking, and, especially, people watching.

I sort of went wild with the camera, coming home with almost 300 pictures. For your viewing pleasure, I've winnowed them down by half. Check out the slideshow.