Some enchanted evening

Last night was one of those simply perfect times that a person wants to savor forever.

After getting ready for bed, I opened the slider onto the patio to see if it was cool enough to let some fresh air into the house during the night. The temperature was just right, neither too hot nor too cold, and a soft, gentle breeze was stirring the air. The nearly-full moon was rising in a clear sky with just a band of high clouds, and the palm trees were silhouetted by the moon.

palm trees in a full moon

I immediately gave up all thoughts of bed, but stretched out in a chaise lounge to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the moment. I stayed there for nearly two hours, lost in the quiet of the night, broken only by the chirping of the crickets.

I did try to capture a few pictures, but the images simply do not do justice. One of the better ones is above. Enjoy.