LA Rodeo

LA Rodeo

Ride 'em cowboy

Saturday Réal and I drove to Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank for the Los Angeles gay rodeo. For some reason Penelope decided we needed to see downtown Glendale on the way; she'd better have a darned good reason for such a roundabout route. We learned that downtown Glendale looks just like downtown Pasadena and downtown Burbank and downtown YouNameIt. But it was a worthwhile meander — we also learned that street signs and lamp posts in Glendale are painted red and orange, which is certainly unique.

At the rodeo grounds, we immediately ran into Lane who was handing out flyers for his one-man show I shot Jesse James: The saga of Bobby Ford that will be performed the next two weekends in North Hollywood. We also ran into Jody who was there with his horse to participate in some of the events, as well as a few other friends from Palm Springs.

Real and Ingu Réal and Ingu (R)

At the dance tent we ran into Ingu, whom we met on our cruise. He was there promoting Sundance Stompede, the country-western dance weekend he is organizing for mid-October in San Francisco. It was good to see him, but I do wish at least one gram of fat had found a home somewhere on his body. I just know that his inner-fatso would love to get out! Oh, bitter, bitter, bitter.

goat A dressed goat

As for the rodeo itself, there was the usual combination of 'serious' rodeo events, like roping and bull riding, and lighter-hearted events like goat dressing. In this latter event, two people must run down the arena to a tethered goat, slip a pair of BVDs on its hind quarters, then race back to the finish line. Ann Walker, who we enjoyed so much in the movie Sordid Lives was teamed up with Patrika Darbo, of Days of Our Lives. As they announced to the crowd, they were there to "Kick ass and take names." They not only dressed their goat but also put BVDs on the guy anchoring the goat. It didn't help their time, but it sure pleased the crowd!

steer decorating Steer decorating

Then there was an event called Steer Decorating. One person had to pull a steer out of the chute with a rope then hold it while a second person tied a red ribbon on its tail. Then they had to take the rope off the steer and run back to the timer in the chute. Most of the steers had other ideas of how to play, and dragged their hapless cowboy around in the dirt at the end of the rope. Great fun for everyone, except the cowboy, of course!

It was a great outing! Check out the slideshow pictures (sidebar).