Invited to Delta Burke's birthday party

We're there!

Southern Baptist Sissies

On Saturday, all the usual suspects — Réal, Ken, Bob, Phil, and I — all went to see Del Shore's play Southern Baptist Sissies when the Season of Shores came to Palm Springs for the weekend.

Before the show, we stopped at Grill-A-Burger for a quick dinner and to celebrate Phil's birthday the day before. (I'm working my way through the menu — this time I had the Brown Derby, with avocado, blue cheese, and bacon.) They were very hospitable and didn't mind that we brought our own cake, and they even helped sing Happy Birthday and gave Phil a souvenir T-shirt as a present!

Then, off to the show which was a roaring success, of course. Sissies gets a little heavy at times, but that's balanced by plenty of belly laughs. At intermission, they announced that we were all invited after the show to Dale's Lost Highway to celebrate Delta Burke's birthday. Well, when you're invited to Delta Burke's birthday party it would be rude not to go, right? Off we went. When we got there we discovered they had forgotten to mention one small detail: there would be a $15 cover charge. I suppose that would have been all right, since we hadn't brought any presents and the money was going to be donated to charity anyway, but we decided to sit out the party and just have a drink in the bar. Turns out we got the last laugh — as the cast members arrived they all came in through the bar, so we got to say hello to them anyway. Dale Dickey even came over to our table and chatted for a few minutes, and Leslie Jordan kept giving us little waves from his bar stool. The only person we didn't see was Delta Burke herself. Sorry, Delta, hope you had a happy birthday!

Sordid Lives

On Sunday we went to the matinee performance of Sordid Lives, which everyone in Palm Springs has seen at least 37 times, either on stage or as a movie. It must be both exhilarating and challenging to be in a play when the audience knows all your best lines and recites them along with you.

When I stopped at the box office to pick up our tickets I made nice, and they gave us free passes to the meet-and-greet after the show. These took the form of a rubber band, which is also a running sight gag through the first half of the play. (I'm not going to explain; you'll just have to rent the movie.)

If laughter is really the best medicine, we're all in excellent health!