San Diego rodeo

San Diego rodeo


Over the weekend, a band of four went to San Diego for the rodeo: Ken, Réal, Don, and me. There, we ran into lots of people from Palm Springs, drank too much, ate too much, and had way too much fun.

bridge over empty highway

But first you have to get to San Diego. It's a long drive (2½ hours) along some pretty, and pretty desolate, highway. It was a largely uneventful trip except for the test of bladder control that Ken imposed on us. Despite general agreement to the suggestion that a pit stop would be in order "soon," Ken kept right on driving. And driving. At one point we thought he was going to stop because he changed lanes toward an exit with all the right signs. But then he drove right on past! And you know how much worse it is once you get your expectations set and have them shattered! That morning coffee did so want to change color. And the pressure from that *^*!# seat belt!

Don, Ken, and Réal

When we finally arrived at our hotel — sans pit stop! — we bailed out of that SUV faster than you can say "Here at last!"

It turned out to be a beautiful day for the rodeo. The sun shone warmly and the air was clear. It was, however, a bit pungent, especially downwind from the holding pens for the critters.

In addition to the rodeo events themselves, there was country western dancing aplenty. Ken was in his element!


On Sunday morning we cracked our eyes to overcast skies and headed off to Denny's for breakfast. Once we had our coffees, Réal became alert enough to notice the amazing reflections in the building next to the restaurant.

And then it was time for the drive home. We were all very quiet, savoring our memories of a fine weekend among friends. Be sure to check out the slideshow (sidebar).