SuperBowl 2006

SuperBowl XL

aka XL

With bright sun in a cloudless azur sky reflecting off a pacific ocean, the usual suspects assembled in Aptos for the annual cultural rite known as the SuperBowl. You know the SuperBowl is something Special because it is one of the few remaining uses of Roman numerals.

ocean view

This year we rented a house owned by a colleague from HP days, a house that met all our requirements: an ocean view (between the McMansions across the street), a great kitchen for the worship of St Caloria, and high-speed internet access. I'd always wondered what it would be like to have a spiral staircase, and the house gave me a chance to find out.

spiral staircase

When it came time to watch the game, "the boys" assembled in front of the TV while "the girls" maintained a respectful distance. Angela professed to be rooting for the Steelers. Angela and Carolyn I was in favor of the Seahawks, inasmuch as they had the nicer-looking uniforms, IMHO. Frankly, it didn't make much difference, as long as the chips didn't run out before it as time to eat the ribs that Bob had kindly smoked in Twain Harte.

The half-time show — the "best-ever" by unanimous consent — did bring some of our members to their feet to show off their moves while Mick gyrated his hips and strutted about the giant tongue that served as stage (and how cool was that!).

Jim and Carolyn show their moves
Jim and Carolyn

Jim is going to cost me a lot of money. He brought along his new, digital SLR camera knowing full well that it would foster a bad case of SLR-envy.

Jim photographs grapefruit
Study in grapefruit
Jim with his Nikon
Jim with Nikon

As for the rest of the time, we did the usual: read, "hike" (i.e., stroll), play games, sleep, and eat. Oh yeah, and compute.

Bob wit his computer
Bob gets in a little "work"

Jim clicks here
Angela gets in a little work
Carolyn reflects — probably on how nice it is not to be addicted to the connected life

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