Year to date


A mulligan on life

I don't know who came up with the idea "year-to-date," but whoever it is deserves our gratitude. It is a fantastic way to give yourself a fresh start and absolve yourself of your entire past. Think of the possibilities!

Year-to-date, I've lost two pounds! I may be still 30 pounds overweight, but hey, it's a new year — I get to start counting all over again!

Year-to-date, my portfolio is up 14%! Never mind that it's still worth less than half what it was a year ago, so far I'm doing great. Whoo-eee!

Year-to-date, I'm debt free! Of course, the bills won't come in until the second half of the month, but right now all the bills are paid. Hot damn!

Year-to-date, George W Bush hasn't started any new wars! OK, maybe there are limits to the concept.