Chronicles: 2006

I resolve to... (1-Jan-06)
Year to date (11-Jan-06)
For crying out loud (13-Jan-06)
Linksys lament (17-Jan-06)
Bob Hope Chrysler Classic 2006 (26-Jan-06)
Night mystery (30-Jan-06)
SuperBowl 2006 (6-Feb-06)
Home again (10-Feb-06)
Cheney's big bang (12-Feb-06)
Opting out (15-Feb-06)
Cheney talks (16-Feb-06)
A storm over ports (22-Feb-06)
Cruise in the Caribbean (7-Mar-06)
Bush keeps campaign promise (10-Mar-06)
Snow comes to the desert (13-Mar-06)
Faith-based security (24-Mar-06)
1-800-O-MI-GAWD (25-Mar-06)
Et cetera (1-Apr-06)
Random reflections on the road (6-Apr-06)
Let's form a committee! (8-Apr-06)
Damn, I missed it! (10-Apr-06)
Heck of a job, G Dubya (11-Apr-06)
Something about Nebraska (15-Apr-06)
Going native (16-Apr-06)
Rummy rebellion (16-Apr-06)
Brought to justice (18-Apr-06)
Tale of two leaks (22-Apr-06)
Opera in the park 2006 (24-Apr-06)
Bordering on insanity (25-Apr-06)
What a gas! (27-Apr-06)
San Diego rodeo (1-May-06)
Raising amarylis (4-May-06)
Visiting La-La land (8-May-06)
Cirque de Palm Springs (11-May-06)
Vote yes on 81 (17-May-06)
Guilty! (25-May-06)
Defenders of the Constitution (29-May-06)
A complaint about complaints (30-May-06)
June is busting out all over! (1-Jun-06)
They are watching (3-Jun-06)
Invited to Delta Burke's birthday party (5-Jun-06)
G.O.P. (6-Jun-06)
Hot visitors (12-Jun-06)
Baghdad Bush, the sequel (16-Jun-06)
Brunch Bunch in NYC (21-Jun-06)
Stargazing in Joshua Tree NP (24-Jun-06)
Decider decidedly de-throned (1-Jul-06)
Calling to cancel (2-Jul-06)
Fire this time (13-Jul-06)
Lollygagging in Laguna Beach (21-Jul-06)
Brunch Bunch (25-Jul-06)
Sizzle and sweat (25-Jul-06)
Blown! (26-Jul-06)
Be careful what you wish for (27-Jul-06)
San Diego Pride (31-Jul-06)
LA Rodeo (7-Aug-06)
Moonshine (11-Aug-06)
Black Jack, MO (12-Aug-06)
Pre-9/11 mindset (15-Aug-06)
Hero on the bench (17-Aug-06)
Williamson reunion (25-Aug-06)
9/11: Had enough? (13-Sep-06)
Resurrecting Donald (20-Sep-06)
Are we safe yet? (22-Sep-06)
Gazing at the stars (24-Sep-06)
October! (1-Oct-06)
Foley folly (4-Oct-06)
Star dedication (6-Oct-06)
Why I live in Palm Springs (13-Oct-06)
Bowling tournament (16-Oct-06)
Well, doh! (18-Oct-06)
New York City (23-Oct-06)
David Sedaris (24-Oct-06)
Desperation (25-Oct-06)
Getty Villa (28-Oct-06)
The hills are aflame (28-Oct-06)
I voted (30-Oct-06)
Palm Springs Pride 2006 (6-Nov-06)
Election 2006 (7-Nov-06)
People to W: Enough already! (8-Nov-06)
Heckuva job, Rummy! (8-Nov-06)
Taxi to the airport (12-Nov-06)
Flying out of bankruptcy (15-Nov-06)
Thanksgiving 2006 (22-Nov-06)
Defining problems — away (26-Nov-06)
Interesting junk (29-Nov-06)
Where's Paul? (1-Dec-06)
Holly Folly in P-town (5-Dec-06)
Now what? (20-Dec-06)
Tea for two (25-Dec-06)
Making merry (26-Dec-06)