Pride and prejudice

Bret and Marilyn

A lot of the former, and fortunately little of the latter

The Greater Palm Springs Gay Pride festival and parade were held over the weekend. All the usual sights were on display— barely-clad bodies (some of which, sad to say, would have been more attractive fully clothed); sequined and feathered drag queens; leather, levis, and cowboy hats; frou-frou dogs; and lots of lots of quite ordinary people.

On Sunday, Bret and I had breakfast at More Than a Mouthful, followed by the obligatory photo-op with Marilyn. Then we walked over to watch the parade.

Shortly after sitting down on the curb to watch the parade, we were joined by two couples and their canines. A male/female couple were accompanied by Vivian, basically a dust-mop on legs. A male/male couple were accompanied by Phyllis, all tarted up in a red leather vest. Not to be out-done, Vivian later cadged some gold beads from a parade float to complete her basic ensemble. Being only about 6 inches tall, each took care not to be stepped on, Vivian by staying securely in master's arms, Phyllis by leaning against larger objects for protection (like me).


Think about it: How many people name their dogs Vivian or Phyllis and then by happenstance stand next to each other to watch a parade?

Fundy illustrates his bigotry
That's a Christian thought — not!

The Fundies also came out to demonstrate and protest what they view as unrepentant sin and debauchery which they are certain will lead to eternal damnation. They know this because the Bible says so. There were only five or six of them, but they had a bullhorn to make sure everyone got their message. The one with the bullhorn wore a sign that said "God Abhors You" and from time to time he used yellow electric cords as visual aids for his lecture, to illustrate that male plugs do not fit together.

I'm not a religious person — I'm an unreformed heathen — but I have read the Bible. Whenever I see the Fundies thumping their Bibles, I'm always amazed at how selective they are about which parts of the Bible they choose to quote. For example, you never hear them advocating the sale of daughters into slavery, clearly sanctioned in the Bible (Exodus 21:7). Nor do they give up football, which involves touching the skin of a dead pig, making one "unclean" (Leviticus 11:68). Perhaps it's OK since many receivers wear gloves, but what about the center and the quarterback?

The Fundies are always citing the Bible as justification and proof. But I have to wonder how many of them have ever actually read the Bible. For the life of me I can't see how you get from Jesus' commandment to "love one another, as I have loved you" (John 15:12) to "God Abhors You." If they're right — that there is a God in heaven and a Judgment Day — they are going to have a lot to answer for.

Under the Constitution, they have a right to voice their opinion. So do I — they're bigoted nut cases!

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

One of the more amusing sights in the parade was the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence all down on their knees in front of the Fundies, praying for their (the Fundies') salvation.

Leslie Jordan
Leslie Jordan

On a lighter note, there was Leslie Jordan, star of Sordid Lives and continuing character on series like Will and Grace, borne down the street in a sedan chair hoisted on the shoulders of six brawny lads.

Here's an arty photo of a 1956 DeSoto on display at the festival. For more photos, check out the slideshow (sidebar).

1956 De Soto