Twain Harte MovieMax Theatre


Version 2.0

Faithful readers may remember the introduction of the world-famous Twain Harte MovieMax Theatre in August 2003. Friends Bob and Carolyn proudly introduced the new and improved version 2.0 this weekend.

Redesigned screen

The screen was redesigned to be supported on legs rather than suspended precariously from a skyhook as in v1.0. The new design — which may have been suggested by that clever fellow Jim — is simple yet robust. See the sidebar for a detailed view of the new design.

The launch of MovieMax 2.0 was a festive affair, indeed. Bob picks up the story:

Had a great turnout for MovieMax party last night — 38 people ages mid-40s to 80. Wine, beer, sodas, homemade ice cream (15 quarts available, but not all eaten — yippie) for pre-movie enjoyment, and popcorn for the movie. I rented a popcorn machine for quick volume buildup. Turned out to be a bit too much to do ice cream before the movie, be good hosts, make popcorn, and get the movie started. If done again we think we'd just have drinks for a bit and make a bunch of popcorn to be ready before people arrived (make a couple of batches in the machine as entertainment just before movie).

The transmitter worked great. I rigged the receiver up on the deck and ran cable down to the projector so that the signal was stronger — no static or hiss. My technical checkout was great: begin with documentary of TH MovieMAx (8/30/03), use remote from driveway (via remote extender) to switch to TiVo as source to show a cartoon, then use remote from driveway (via remote extender) to switch to DVD for movie ("Love Actually"). As it turned out, it was so hectic making and serving popcorn last minute we went straight to movie.

Carolyn and I wore ourselves out getting ready but it was great fun.

party goers on deck
Party goers on the deck

popcorn area below deck
Refreshment area below deck with popcorn machine

chairs at the ready for movie
Chairs lined up, ready for the movie

Alas, I was not able to attend, but I expect a full report when we rendezvous in Kauai next Friday for another week of festivities.

By my calculation, 15 quarts of ice-cream for 38 people works out to one quart of ice-cream for every 2.5 people. There ought to be some left over!