Evil twin II

Or evil clone?

Everybody's a critic! Hardly had my story about the discovery of my evil twin taken its place in cyberspace when word came that I held a flawed concept of "evil twin," towit:

Unless you have the most clever evil twin in history, these other Pauls are clearly clones.... "All male evil twins have a goatee". Just take a look at any TV show and the evil twin has goatee.

As proof, I was supposed to follow several links, where I found these pictures:

Spock Bush Garth
Cartman Stan and Kyle
Spock, Evil W, Garthe Knight (top), Cartman, Stan and Kyle (bottom)

It's not that I feel I am above criticism — although I am — I did what any self-respecting semanticist would do when challenged on a concept: I consulted the supreme authority, Google. And it's a good thing I did.

If I had not gone Googling for evil twins, I would never have known about yet another threat to "my security" that I should be scared spitless about. It seems that phony wi-fi hotspots are called evil twins, and they're a prime way to steal your personal identification and information.

(If you don't understand the saying "Ignorance is bliss" you haven't been paying attention since 9/11!)

Data Lore
Star Trek's Data (left) and Lore (right)

But back to the other evil twins— While an entry in the Wikipedia claims that "many evil twins in satirical works have goatees" the very same entry points to a counter-example. The android Data (Star Trek) had an evil twin Lore who did not have a goatee.

So there!

But if it will make you happy—

In the course of writing this, an idea occurred to me: Much of the opposition to stem-cell research is based on the premise that it might lead to human cloning which most people regard as anathema. But at the same time, most people regard sets of identical twins as adorable. Guess what folks? — Every case of identical twins is a case of human clones! If you're opposed to human cloning, shouldn't you be in favor of aborting one of every pair of identical twins?