Proof of evil twin

evil twin

Long suspected, now confirmed

What many have long taken as a matter of faith has now been proven: Paul has an evil twin.


When proof of the evil twin became incontrovertible, immediate speculation focused on the recently acquired painting La Caja de Pandora — Pandora's Box — and the possibility that the evil twin was an escapee from said caja. But keen observers were quick to point out that manifestations of the twin had been sporadically apparent for many decades.

The first intimation that proof might be at hand was offered by Niece Carol who observed on Monday, "I found both webcam sites had pictures of you sitting at the same time!

screen capture
Tony's screen capture, 8:31am 26-Jul-05 (Click picture to enlarge)

The following morning, friend Tony weighed in with alarm, "You're blowing my mind living in two places at once. You're inside and outside wearing 2 different shirts all at the same time." He offered as proof a screen capture showing the two webcam photos with identical time stamps.

Pretty neat trick, don't you think?

Then Niece Carol piped up with a full chronology illustrated with more screen captures. (See sidebar for slideshow link.)

Now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag, I suppose I am forced to confess: Ever since Dolly the sheep proved cloning was feasible, I have been assembling a cadre of FrankenPauls to extend my branch of the family tree. As each emerges I bring it into the house for personality training so that it can learn to do a flawless impersonation. Discover credit card When it is able to pass the final test — morning chit-chat with neighbor Wanda and her black cat — I provide it with a credit card (which the friendly folks at Discover are kind enough to supply in seemingly endless quantity) and send it on its acquisitive way.

Editorial comment: Those damned plastic Discover cards have taken over as the biggest direct-mail nuisance since the AOL CD (and floppy disk before it).