Dog in easter bonnet

In their Easter bonnets

And no shortage of frills!

If it's Easter Sunday, it's time for the Easter Bonnet contest on Arenas Road in Palm Springs. But if you're thinking of entering, you'd better be very imaginative and start planning early. The competition is tough!

Miss Bubbles

At brunch, Miss Bubbles poured our champagne and apparently made Phil quite happy. Miss Bubbles appeared in the bonnet contest, but, alas, she didn't win.

Right after brunch, we headed for the booths set up in the street for Springfest. Greg insisted he had to buy a cowboy hat.

Greg with skull hat
A touch of the macabre
Greg with white hat
Pure as the driven snow

I, on the other hand, went for something more stylish and suitable for the Red Hatters.

Paul with plain red hat
A bit plain, don't you think?
Paul with fancy hat
Now we're talking!

For lots more pictures of the bonnet contest, check out the slideshow (sidebar).