I've got mail!

address label

Better mail than jail I suppose

Those Republicans are at it again — flogging pictures of a lame-duck president in an attempt to raise yet more money.

The latest assault in the direct-mail advertising campaign came in a big gray envelope bearing the advisory PRESIDENTIAL PHOTOGRAPH ENCLOSED.

cover letter
"Personalized" cover letter

There was a cover letter from Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "Dear Friend," it started, but I guess Ken found that a bit too impersonal, for "Friend" was crossed out and "Paul" was written in, ostensibly by hand with some kind of marker. But look at that — in place of a date, it simply says "Wednesday Morning." Are they too stupid to figure out which Wednesday it is? They can program the printer to type my name and address and fake writing my name by hand, but they can't be bothered to put a proper date! What's up with that?

W and Laura
Presidential photograph

Then there is the presidential photograph itself. How is it that Laura can take the time and effort to pull herself together, put on a string of pearls, and freshen her make-up, but W can't be bothered to change out of his jeans? That isn't noblesse oblige, that's conspicuous commonness. Well, as my momma used to say, "Common is as common does."

And the inscription: "Paul M Williamson." My middle initial appears in very few places, such as titles to property and tax forms. I don't even use it on checks. I mention this because it raises an interesting question: Where did the Republicans get my name and address from?

But W is right about one thing: Together we can "build a better, safer, more prosperous future for America" — by banding together to make sure W can do as little damage as possible in the remaining years of his term.

confirmation receipt form
Confirmation receipt form

The final straw was the pre-written thank you note Ken enclosed for me to send back with a check reflecting my gratitude.

Gimme a break!