Amazing discovery!

Tom Delay, House majority leader

Vestiges of Republicans' shame found in House

Archaeologists digging deep in the rubble of the House of Representatives in Washington found a trace of GOP shame, thought to no longer exist. Late in the last Congressional session, Republicans rescinded a rule requiring party leaders to step down if they were indicted, a serendipitous convenience for House Majority Leader Tom Delay, whose role in Texas redistricting shenanigans is under investigation, and some of whose political associates in Texas have already been indicted.

When the House reconvened this week, however, Republicans met in secret and said, "Never mind!"

It seems that members got an earful from constituents during the recess. I'm sure that Democrats adopting the rule the one Republicans intended to dump had nothing to do with it. A spokesman for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said plainly, "The issue simply became too hot for them to handle, so they had to drop it." (Washington Post, 4-Jan-04)

Joel Hefley, outgoing chairman of House ethics committee

The fate of past chairman of the House ethics committee Joel Hefley (R-CO) remains in doubt. He and his committee had the temerity to chastise Delay more than once this past session for his ethical lapses. Can't have that — an ethics committee that actually expects Congressmen to act ethically!