Chronicles: 2005

Happy New Year! (1-Jan-05)
Pitiful Colin Powell (2-Jan-05)
Statute of limitations needed (3-Jan-05)
Amazing discovery! (4-Jan-05)
Dew drops on cactus (5-Jan-05)
Not again! (6-Jan-05)
Living proof (7-Jan-05)
Bush 43.2 (19-Jan-05)
Lunch-Bunch reunion (31-Jan-05)
Marshal Paul (1-Feb-05)
Groundhog day (2-Feb-05)
Linksys WVC54G camera (15-Feb-05)
Awake at 3am (16-Feb-05)
Homeland insecurity (19-Feb-05)
Cross-country adventure (Feb-05)
Just like McD (23-Feb-05)
Cross-country adventure pictures (24-Feb-05)
I've got mail! (5-Mar-05)
Doin' the Moneydance (8-Mar-05)
The meaning of 'ugly' (9-Mar-05)
Peripatetic Superbowl Party (12-Mar-05)
More travel (13-Mar-05)
Almost too painful to watch (14-Mar-05)
Maiden voyage of the Prius (18-Mar-05)
Politics and pathos (22-Mar-05)
In their Easter bonnets (27-Mar-05)
In pursuit of poppies (29-Mar-05)
News of the day (1-Apr-05)
Things that go weird at night (9-Apr-05)
Reclaiming the patio (16-Apr-05)
Culture of life (17-Apr-05)
Culture of life, part 2 (18-Apr-05)
Speaking out (20-Apr-05)
Tripping (25-Apr-05)
Friendship (27-Apr-05)
Bush energy proposals (28-Apr-05)
Bush speak (29-Apr-05)
Happy birthday to me (1-May-05)
Class action settlement (1-May-05)
Compassionate conservation (2-May-05)
Flights of folly (5-May-05)
Shake dat booty (5-May-05)
It's to Laugh (or Cry) About (7-May-05)
Activist religionists (12-May-05)
Cessna threat thwarted (13-May-05)
Beating up on Newsweek (19-May-05)
Framing the debate (20-May-05)
Extremism in defense of moderation (24-May-05)
Trip to Minnesota (1-Jun-05)
Dubious conclusions (3-Jun-05)
Haircut 2005 (5-Jun-05)
Curtains! (7-Jun-05)
Suckin' on the public tit (8-Jun-05)
"For your security..." (10-Jun-05)
All the news (10-Jun-05)
Disappearing rights (15-Jun-05)
Statuary scandal (15-Jun-05)
Where are they now? (15-Jun-05)
Gotta love those Brits! (17-Jun-05)
Verbing run amok (18-Jun-05)
Huh? (19-Jun-05)
Way to go! (21-Jun-05)
Targeting public broadcasting (22-Jun-05)
Runaway explanations (23-Jun-05)
Who ya gonna believe? (25-Jun-05)
Up in smoke (28-Jun-05)
Contempt of court (1-Jul-05)
Mad as a hatter (1-Jul-05)
Great comet caper of 2005 (4-Jul-05)
Bowling for bozos (5-Jul-05)
Bush "collides" in Scotland (6-Jul-05)
Lazing about in Laguna Beach (14-Jul-05)
Putrid smell of politics (17-Jul-05)
Pandora's box (21-Jul-05)
Days of schmutz und schtink (22-Jul-05)
Proof of evil twin (27-Jul-05)
Evil twin II (29-Jul-05)
CNN makes you stupid (2-Aug-05)
The big blow (6-Aug-05)
Twain Harte MovieMax Theatre (7-Aug-05)
Economy plus (11-Aug-05)
Mom power (11-Aug-05)
Niece Carol takes a vacation (22-Aug-05)
Bowling update (23-Aug-05)
Happy birthday, Kyle! (17-Aug-05)
Kauai: Beach picnic (25-Aug-05)
Kauai: Poipu rental house (25-Aug-05)
Kauai: Et cetera (25-Aug-05)
Kauai sunrises (25-Aug-05)
Kauai: Visiting the Venturas (25-Aug-05)
Kauai: Waimea canyon (25-Aug-05)
Robertson runs amok (27-Aug-05)
Profiling wordsmithing (27-Aug-05)
Shun 'The Aristocrats' (29-Aug-05)
More fake news (1-Sep-05)
Bowling final (7-Sep-05)
Morning visitor (7-Sep-05)
Katastrophe Katrina (12-Sep-05)
Polls: Bush palls (15-Sep-05)
The 'Governator' runs and hides (16-Sep-05)
What were they thinking? (19-Sep-05)
Rita's revenge (23-Sep-05)
Justice DeLay-ed (28-Sep-05)
Heah come de judge! (29-Sep-05)
Home improvement (1-Oct-05)
Harriet Miers (4-Oct-05)
Idyll in the wild (7-Oct-05)
With friends like these... (11-Oct-05)
Boomers and shakers, oh my! (18-Oct-05)
Where's the beef? (18-Oct-05)
Rich man, poor man (20-Oct-05)
Suits do not suit House suits (21-Oct-05)
Jury summons (21-Oct-05)
Yesss! (28-Oct-05)
Prius does the Mojave desert (31-Oct-05)
Truer words were never spoken (3-Nov-05)
Pride and prejudice (7-Nov-05)
Webcam update (8-Nov-05)
Governator terminated (9-Nov-05)
Impeach Cheney (10-Nov-05)
Mea didn't do it (11-Nov-05)
On the slippery slope to despotism (14-Nov-05)
Gotcha! (16-Nov-05)
Giving thanks (26-Nov-05)
Royal hobble-about concludes (30-Nov-05)
Rx for chaos and confusion (1-Dec-05)
They're at it again (2-Dec-05)
Light parade 2005 (4-Dec-05)
The Troupers (4-Dec-05) (6-Dec-05)
Cecilia García Amaro (11-Dec-05)
Weekend in Laguna (11-Dec-05)
Merry marmalade (23-Dec-05)
Bret's book (23-Dec-05)