No dongle

RJ-45 cable

Left dangling

I forgot my dongle. I would forget my dongle. Here I sit in my room at Bally's Las Vegas, ready to connect to the internet, only to discover that I left my dongle at home.

no dongle
Where the dongle would go if I had remembered it

Dongle. Dongle is one of those words — like aiglet — that has a precise meaning and no synonym that I know of. It is an indispensable word once you know it. A dongle is that little adapter thingy that goes between the network card (pictured left) and the RJ-45 ethernet cable (pictured above right) so you can connect to the internet when you're forced to go wired. Rather than lug a separate computer case with me, I simply tossed my laptop into my roller-bag, forgetting that the dongles were in the computer case.

I drove here from Palm Springs across the Mojave, which is shorter and faster than taking the usual interstate highways. From Palm Springs, you circle through the pass to Twentynine Palms and then follow the signs to Amboy, Kelso, Cima, Morning Star Mine Road, Ivanpah Road, Nipton Road, and I-15. From there it is a quick hop of 52 miles to Las Vegas. This is a great route — mostly 2-lane road with very little traffic, curvy in places, with numerous deep dips in sections, and fabulous scenery.

Amboy highway sign in 29 Palms
Scenic route this way. Highway sign for Amboy Road and Las Vegas in Twentynine Palms. Do not leave here without a full tank of gas.
Kelbaker Road
Kelbaker Road. En route from Amboy to Kelso.

Kelso railroad station
Kelso railroad station. The historic Kelso train station is being remodeled into a visitors center for the Mojave National Preserve.