They're baaaack!

Ed and Bret

But they're gone again

The day after I returned from the wilds of Mendocino County, friends Bret and Ed arrived for a week of R&R Chez Paul. Ed is from the metropolis of Butte, Montana, and Bret lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, so they thought it was warm here! They wanted to swim and lie in the sun! They wanted to wear T-shirts and short pants! (I'm so acclimated!)

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Ed could not resist trying on the Girlie Man costume
Ed could not resist trying the Girlie Man look

Oops! Forgot the feather boa!

Ed with Palm Canyon in the background

I came. I saw. I planted this sign.

I wanted lunch. We went to Andreas canyon for a picnic lunch.

Bret attacks his tuna sandwich

Bret says, "Oh joy. The paparazzo is here."

On Sunday night, we drove to LA to see Leslie Jordan's one-man show, Like a Dog on Linoleum. It was fantastic. You will recognize Leslie Jordan, perhaps, from his recurring role on Will and Grace or from the cult classic Sordid Lives.

Leslie Jordan

On the way home, I left them at a hotel by the Ontario airport. Bye.