The triumph of Mr Coffee

Mr Coffee is all smiles

Who says you can't go home again?

Mr Coffee today resumed his role as Head Coffee Brewer Chez Paul. He cannot hide his satisfaction over the ignominious end that came to the usurper Krups.

Two weeks ago I wrote a piece revealing that the vaunted and pricey Krups had failed due to a malfunction of the switch. Without the switch, Krups is nothing.

A few days after posting the article, I received the following email:

Comments: Paul,

We were directed to your website by one of your readers. We have read of your experiences with the Aroma Control Coffee Maker and would like to speak with you to obtain more details of your experience.

Please call us at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

Krups USA

Two days later I called the number provided and spoke to "Ann" who was perplexed and mystified. She couldn't understand how I had gotten an email from Krups without a "reference number" and how they would send me an email if I didn't first send them one. (All reasonable questions.)

In the end, Ann requested that I return Mr Krups to Krups Inc "for testing" and, if found defective, they would replace it "as a courtesy." So, yesterday I sent Mr Krups packing.

The mystery of how Krups had been alerted to my website was solved when a friend (who shall remain nameless, but whose identity can be easily surmised by faithful readers of this website) confessed to having sent Krups the initiating email referring them to my site. He got the "reference number"!

Inquiring minds want to know how this tale turns out.